Website Design

Our core business is, and will always be, web design in Ireland.

A website is a powerful first impression of your business and it is vital that the impression is positive. We can help you build exactly that. Generate leads and conversions with our professional website solutions. Let’s help put your business in the best light with an impeccable website design.

Regardless of size or complexity of the website, we create bespoke designs for all clients so that we can make sure the style, branding and functionality of the site meets what you need.

For businesses who wish to manage the content of their websites themselves, WordPress is a perfect platform – because it was built from the ground up to be suitable for developers and non-technical users alike.

All new client sites will be built using responsive design techniques (so that the website display adapts to suit the device it’s being viewed on, be it desktop, tablet or smartphone), to ensure that Google considers your site to be mobile-friendly.

Website Design

Web Hosting

Your business website needs to be ‘hosted’ somewhere – i.e. all of the files, databases and images that make up a website need to be stored on one or more servers somewhere, and those servers need to be on the internet.

Irish Web Services manage and maintain a collection of Virtual Private Server environments, based in Ireland, Europe and the US. This allows us to offer web hosting facilities that offer the best combination of performance, security, control and cost.

We can also work with any existing hosting companies (where appropriate) or even provide dedicated cloud hosting environments for high-demand applications.

Support & Maintenance

We are always happy to offer ongoing technical support for all websites that we create.

We are firm believers that websites should not be a ‘one-and-done’ exercise– websites need to up-to-date from a content standpoint.

Maintenance includes such things as software updates, bug fixes, backups with secure remote cloud storage.

Technical maintenance carries monthly fees, and is often bundled with web hosting charges.

Email & Campaign Management

Email is a vital business tool and business-branded email ie [email protected] add an extra level of credibility to your business communications. We can configure email hosting facilities from a wide variety of email hosts as part of a web project.

For websites that need automated email notifications (such as e-commerce sites) we can provide secure outbound email routing.

For businesses operating mailing lists, we can put in place and configure outbound email campaign tools such as Mailchimp.


Social Media Marketing

Generating and increasing website traffic is always a challenge for new or existing websites and social media engagement can be an affordable way of driving visitors to your site. Yet, if you are new to using social media for business, it can seem a bit daunting.

We will be happy to consult with you on social media marketing, or marketing plans more generally. Where required, our websites can be setup with social media conversion tracking facilities such as Facebook Pixel, to enable you to promote your business to custom, targeted social media audiences (targeting the demographics of customers likely to be interested in your services).


Search Engine Optimisation

All our websites are built with the required search engine configuration to allow Google (and others) to find and index your site, which is the first essential step towards driving ‘organic’ search engine results.

If required, we can perform bespoke ‘keyword analysis’ to enable you to better understand the online competition for your services and the types and frequencies of searches on Google.

We will also plan a realistic search engine marketing strategy, and how organic SEO fits into your bigger marketing picture.

Customer Relationship Management

One of the most common challenges for new startups and established businesses alike is keeping track of customer information. Juggling spreadsheets might be fine up to a point, but when you’re spending more time trying to track down customer information and generate invoices than you are actually running your business, something has got to give.

We can put in place and configure many different open-source Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems as standalone projects to finally enable you to centralise and control your customer data and interactions.

Privacy & GDPR

Businesses are all affected with recent changes with online privacy and data protection, in the form of the EU’s General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR).

We will be happy to advise on data privacy issues as part of all new client sites, and operate on the basis of ‘privacy by design’, where the security of web visitor data and your protection as site owner and ‘Data Controller’, are built into the design from the ground up.

We can undertake personal data audits and assist with Privacy Policies and processes where required.

Web Design
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